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What is Enviro?

ZGM’s Enviro™ branding division uses space as a tool to expand the brand experience, creating a better understanding of a company’s culture. Our team of architects and strategists makes ZGM one of the only branding firms in the region to offer these highly unique experiences. We consider such things as brand attributes, the space itself (interior or exterior), audiences and circulation patterns to transform lobbies, consumer spaces, work spaces and more with an inspiring communication of brand culture.

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Branded Environment Design in Charlotte, NC

At ZGM Enviro, we breathe physical form into corporate and commercial branding. Our creative, often overlooked approach results in a branded environment that uniquely showcases your company’s values and culture.

What Is Enviro?

We are talented architects and skilled brand strategists. We’re creative and passionate designers, and dedicated data analysts. As a team, Enviro is a distinctive branding firm that specializes in spatial environments. As a concept, Enviro shapes and expands the brand experience through tangible, functional spaces, designed for both employees and clients.

The Link Between Design and Branding

The Enviro division of ZGM emerged to help companies take their branding efforts a step further. Our branded environments let users experience, explore, and interact with a company’s culture on a personal level. We research and analyze various aspects of branding and architectural design, including first-impression and traffic-flow studies, and we use the data to create meaningful, memorable spaces that encourage emotional connections.

Who Needs a Branded Environment?

ZGM Enviro projects range from interior and exterior designs for local food and retail establishments to meeting rooms, workspaces, and lobbies for large corporations. We work with a diverse collection of industries, including commercial real estate specialists, professional occupations, and general contractors. We use simple elements, such as lighting, colors, and artwork, to tell your brand story.

An Enviro branded environment is unique, inviting, and attractive. It conveys the right atmosphere and supports your business philosophy through simplicity and aesthetics. Our environments make people feel good about their connections to your company, whether they are new clients, regular customers, or tenured staff members.

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Design of User Experience

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Corporate/Retail Planning and Visual Design

Resource Procurement, Vendor and Installation Management

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